Thursday, May 31, 2007

Let Your Ideas Go

Recently, I have been aware of how often I defend my ideas. It's weird because it happens at times when I wasn't even sure I had an idea that I needed to defend. See if you can relate to this...
I'm driving through my subdivision when up ahead a lady pulls out into my lane. Now, I had plenty of time to slow down and it wasn't even close to being an accident. But, she pulled out into MY lane!! Being the mature adult that I am, what do you think I did? Of course, I gave her a little toot. How dare she see ME coming down the road and still decide to pull out in front of me! Didn't she know that I was in a hurry and going some place VERY important? She probably cost me about 0.5 seconds by having me take my foot off of the gas pedal (slightly).
It's so weird that my brain thought that it was 'wrong' for her to pull out onto the road. I mean, she probably pays her taxes and paid just as much for the road as I did. So, why do our brains think that such things shouldn't happen? Why do we allow our brain to hold on to expectations that are not realistic? I guess the real question is: Why don't I take control and put a stop to it?
Studies suggest that 95% of the population cannot separate their ideas from their self-worth. Can you see how my self-worth was threatened by my thoughts above? Somehow this lady, who doesn't even know me, offended me and she doesn't even know it.
Take a look at some of the recent events in your life that have caused you angst. Were they caused by your own ideas about what 'should' happen or how it 'should' be or what you thought was 'right' or 'wrong' with an idea?
It's obvious that my brain thinks I should be able to drive to my destination without interference from any other drivers or obstructions. Wow. When I look at it realistically, what are the chances of that ever happening?
What if...
  • What if you could release your ideas and not have to defend them?
  • What if you just let them go so that other ideas could mix in with them? (Isn't that usually how we come up with the 'best' idea?)
Let your ideas go. They are not you. You are you!
When you let your ideas go, you are free and your ideas are free. If you continue to hold on to them, they are captive to you and you are captive to them.
Think about it... do you find yourself always needing to be right? Do you use words like 'always', 'I guarantee', 'Obviously'? If so, you may be captive to your ideas and your ideas may be captive to you.
Let your ideas go! You will see tremendous things happen when you do. Your ideas will grow and more importantly so will you!
If you need help with this, please let me know. The 6 Advisors coaching program is terrific at getting you to understand your thoughts and be in control of them. I'd love to talk to you about it.
Give the free assessment on the right a try! If you find that your Systems Thinking advisor or your Self-Direction advisor is the most challenged, you may be holding on to your ideas too tightly. I can help!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

6 Advisors Conference


It's been 2 weeks since I returned from our 6 Advisors Coaching Conference and what a wonderful 2 weeks it has been. I guess that's what happens when you find yourself even more excited than you were before.

For those of you who personally know me, you know I am truly passionate about helping others reach their success. I deeply believe what Zig Ziglar once wrote, "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

This year's 6 Advisors conference helped me to refresh my learning about the 6 Advisors Assessment as well as demonstrated some of the exciting new products and services that we will have available.

One of the most exciting is the updated "Managing Your 6 Advisors" practicum. Version 3.0 is better than ever. If you haven't experienced this coaching practicum in the past, now is the time to give it a try. I know I'm going through version 3.0 even though I've been through version 2.0 three times. I learn something new and valuable every time.

Since the conference was over 2 weeks ago, I have done more assessments and signed up more coaching clients than I did in the previous month. I certainly hope the month continues like this because I am seeing more and more people advance in their careers, their businesses and their lives. It is so rewarding to me.

Here's one of the latest testimonials from a client who recently completed the 14 session practicum:

"This was one of the greatest things I have ever done. This taught me to take time to make time. I loved my coach - what a great listener and insightful person! This whole process has been great and very eye opening. I never thought that putting a few comments in order could tell me so much about why I think what I think, and then learning how to harness ALL of my Advisors for my benefit. Thanks again!"

If you are interested in results like this, please give me a call or visit my website for more information.

Here are the products and services that I offer from 6 Advisors:

  • Assessment and consultation: This is the reason I found 6 Advisors. This assessment is one that you just can't fool. It is terrific! It told me about thoughts that I knew I had but was consciously not reacting or responding to. I ranked 18 items and it was able to know how I thought - that was incredibly valuable to me and has been to so many of my clients.
  • Coaching: This is the 14 session practicum that changed my life. I am constantly learning and realizing new things about me and how I relate to my clients, family and friends.
  • Candidate Assessments: Wouldn't it be great to understand which candidate will be best for your open positions? Once you know HOW they think, you can ask better questions during the 2nd interview and better assess their fit into your organization.
  • 360 Evaluations (NEW): You know, how I said that I had thoughts in my head that I was consciously not acting upon. Well, that is what I thought. This process would help me to know if it was really true. It uses the 6 Advisors assessment to help you understand how your thoughts are affecting your performance by having your co-workers, supervisors, friends, peers, and subordinates provide their perception of you.
  • Workshops and Boot Camps: These sessions allow for you and your team to experience the 6 Advisors practicum which is laser-focused on your needs and objectives. The focus is based about the assessment results of the workshop participants.
  • Business Barometer Reports: This report measures the "pressure points" in your organization and helps us to design workshops and coaching programs around your strengths and weaknesses which will allow you to reach your goals and achieve the vision that you have for your organization.

In future entries, I'll talk a little more about axiology, neuroscience, mindsets and how these impact your work and your life. Thanks for reading my shameless plug. :)

You really can have better balance in your life and it all starts with your mind. When you master your mind, you will master your future.

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Love Loving

So far, I've talked about "Start Starting" and "Stop Stopping". Today, I want to cut to the chase and talk about how to continue on the process.

Love Loving

What's the one thing that gets in the way for most of us. Other people? Your friends, family, boss? How about circumstances? Of all the reasons you may come up with, I believe the one that most people will agree with is FEAR.

I've done a lot of thinking about fear and what it has done in my life. I've feared success, failure, embarrassment, humiliation. Sometimes, I don't even try because of what might happen. Now, the statistical chances associated with "might" are sometimes about 0.01%, but it still might happen. What's funny is that there are 2 definitions of might:

  1. auxiliary verb: used to express possibility, probability, opportunity or contingency.
  2. noun: physical strength, capacity, power to attain and accomplish

I think as I look at my internal conversations (you know, those thoughts that bounce around my head), I use might as an auxiliary verb in most of them. What would happen if I started focusing on the noun... the power. Could my might overcome my fear?

Many people think courage is the opposite of fear. I believe that it is LOVE. Where there is LOVE, their is faith and where there is love and faith, there can be no fear.

  • What would happen if we loved loving?
  • What if every time we thought of what might happen, we changed our thoughts and focused on what our might could make happen?

It all comes down to our choices. These determine our actions.

  • What would happen if we decided to choose LOVE over FEAR? What could you accomplish today if you decided to love 'cold calling' (or some other task you've been dreading)?
  • Or, better, yet... what if you simply loved the people on the other end of the line (regardless of their response to you)?

Our values determine our choices. We always choose what we value the most at the current moment. What are your choices saying about your values? Is loving at the top of your list?

Learn to value and love loving. You will see your life turn-around and move toward your goals in a powerful way.

  • Start Starting
  • Stop Stopping
  • Love Loving

If you'd like to know how to do this - how to change your thoughts so that YOU can value what is most valuable to you and overcome the habits that you've created - give me a call or drop me an email. I have a wonderful tool that can identify your hierarchy of values as well as a coaching program that can get your habits in line with your values. If you'd like to try a taste test of the tool, go to my website or click the link to the right. Do it today!