Thursday, May 31, 2007

Let Your Ideas Go

Recently, I have been aware of how often I defend my ideas. It's weird because it happens at times when I wasn't even sure I had an idea that I needed to defend. See if you can relate to this...
I'm driving through my subdivision when up ahead a lady pulls out into my lane. Now, I had plenty of time to slow down and it wasn't even close to being an accident. But, she pulled out into MY lane!! Being the mature adult that I am, what do you think I did? Of course, I gave her a little toot. How dare she see ME coming down the road and still decide to pull out in front of me! Didn't she know that I was in a hurry and going some place VERY important? She probably cost me about 0.5 seconds by having me take my foot off of the gas pedal (slightly).
It's so weird that my brain thought that it was 'wrong' for her to pull out onto the road. I mean, she probably pays her taxes and paid just as much for the road as I did. So, why do our brains think that such things shouldn't happen? Why do we allow our brain to hold on to expectations that are not realistic? I guess the real question is: Why don't I take control and put a stop to it?
Studies suggest that 95% of the population cannot separate their ideas from their self-worth. Can you see how my self-worth was threatened by my thoughts above? Somehow this lady, who doesn't even know me, offended me and she doesn't even know it.
Take a look at some of the recent events in your life that have caused you angst. Were they caused by your own ideas about what 'should' happen or how it 'should' be or what you thought was 'right' or 'wrong' with an idea?
It's obvious that my brain thinks I should be able to drive to my destination without interference from any other drivers or obstructions. Wow. When I look at it realistically, what are the chances of that ever happening?
What if...
  • What if you could release your ideas and not have to defend them?
  • What if you just let them go so that other ideas could mix in with them? (Isn't that usually how we come up with the 'best' idea?)
Let your ideas go. They are not you. You are you!
When you let your ideas go, you are free and your ideas are free. If you continue to hold on to them, they are captive to you and you are captive to them.
Think about it... do you find yourself always needing to be right? Do you use words like 'always', 'I guarantee', 'Obviously'? If so, you may be captive to your ideas and your ideas may be captive to you.
Let your ideas go! You will see tremendous things happen when you do. Your ideas will grow and more importantly so will you!
If you need help with this, please let me know. The 6 Advisors coaching program is terrific at getting you to understand your thoughts and be in control of them. I'd love to talk to you about it.
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