Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Increasing The Power of Your Influence

You are an influencer - a leader. So let's talk about the neuro-axiology of sales - yes, sales. For those of you in business development, you'll find value in this article. For those of you who believe that you aren't in sales - LISTEN UP! Selling is a part of everyone's life.

The word "sell" comes from the Old English word "sellan" which means "to give". Yes, "give", not take or win. Selling is giving and (whether you are in a sales role or not) giving IS a part of your life.

Win/Win or Win/Not Lose?

Your brain naturally and consistently tries to add value. Every choice you make is a choice that your brain believes adds more value than your unchosen options.

As an influencer, leader, or sales person, your job is to help your client, customer, or follower make the best decision for THEM. You want a true win/win solution - which means the solution adds value to your life AND to theirs. Many times we see folks who try to manipulate the situation (you may even be guilty of this at times). When your mind is self-focused, it only cares to add value to your life. So, win/lose is acceptable, but in the long run does NOT add the most value. So, if you can't get a win/win maybe a win/not lose is acceptable. That means you win and the client or team member doesn't lose (but doesn't win either.) That ISN'T selling, giving, or influencing. That is manipulating, taking and DEVALUING!

We've all seen sporting events where teams decide to play 'not to lose' instead of playing to win. My beloved Steelers call it their 'prevent defense' - which usually prevents them from winning. But I digress... If both or all parties are not winning, then both or all parties will ultimately LOSE.

Many times you have a terrific solution for your client or team member yet they don't see the value. As an influencer, it is your role to help them do that. Understanding how the brain makes value-based decisions is what neuro-axiology is all about. When you understand neuro-axiology, even just a little bit, you'll be a better leader and influencer.

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