Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Love Loving

So far, I've talked about "Start Starting" and "Stop Stopping". Today, I want to cut to the chase and talk about how to continue on the process.

Love Loving

What's the one thing that gets in the way for most of us. Other people? Your friends, family, boss? How about circumstances? Of all the reasons you may come up with, I believe the one that most people will agree with is FEAR.

I've done a lot of thinking about fear and what it has done in my life. I've feared success, failure, embarrassment, humiliation. Sometimes, I don't even try because of what might happen. Now, the statistical chances associated with "might" are sometimes about 0.01%, but it still might happen. What's funny is that there are 2 definitions of might:

  1. auxiliary verb: used to express possibility, probability, opportunity or contingency.
  2. noun: physical strength, capacity, power to attain and accomplish

I think as I look at my internal conversations (you know, those thoughts that bounce around my head), I use might as an auxiliary verb in most of them. What would happen if I started focusing on the noun... the power. Could my might overcome my fear?

Many people think courage is the opposite of fear. I believe that it is LOVE. Where there is LOVE, their is faith and where there is love and faith, there can be no fear.

  • What would happen if we loved loving?
  • What if every time we thought of what might happen, we changed our thoughts and focused on what our might could make happen?

It all comes down to our choices. These determine our actions.

  • What would happen if we decided to choose LOVE over FEAR? What could you accomplish today if you decided to love 'cold calling' (or some other task you've been dreading)?
  • Or, better, yet... what if you simply loved the people on the other end of the line (regardless of their response to you)?

Our values determine our choices. We always choose what we value the most at the current moment. What are your choices saying about your values? Is loving at the top of your list?

Learn to value and love loving. You will see your life turn-around and move toward your goals in a powerful way.

  • Start Starting
  • Stop Stopping
  • Love Loving

If you'd like to know how to do this - how to change your thoughts so that YOU can value what is most valuable to you and overcome the habits that you've created - give me a call or drop me an email. I have a wonderful tool that can identify your hierarchy of values as well as a coaching program that can get your habits in line with your values. If you'd like to try a taste test of the tool, go to my website or click the link to the right. Do it today!

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