Sunday, August 21, 2011

Improving Communication

August 2011

Last month I asked a question on LinkedIn: “What's the single most important question you have about increasing your leadership?”  I proposed a few answers and asked you to pick what you thought was most important.

The results are in and out of 211 responses, here are the results:
(Click the image to view larger online.)

As you can see communication seems to be a big concern for leaders so I’d like to talk about it in this newsletter edition.

What gets in the way of your communication? Do you believe that it is lack of skills and tools of the folks in the conversation? Could it be that people just don’t listen? Is it that most people are just opinionated and selfish? Is it that everyone has their own agenda and goals? What gets in the way?

Let’s start with what communication is. Well, the dictionary says that it means to give or impart thoughts, feelings and information. It comes from the root word of ‘common’. It originally meant to share. However, I think a lot of times, when we say communicate we want it to mean to “make people listen to and hear us”.  What many fail to realize is that before we can share or give or impart, there must be a willing receiver… a connection.

Many people skip the very first step of communication which is a connection between the parties. Think about the telephone…

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