Monday, May 11, 2009

Change & Beliefs

Every day I have the opportunity to meet someone new. Lately I have met so many terrific people. I am constantly amazed and excited to see the seeds of greatness within them. Their potential is so evident not just to me but to all who know them... "All" usually meaning everyone but them.

For example, someone I know very well once believed that she wasn't a good speaker / presenter. For decades, she dreaded any situation that involved standing in front of even 5 people and talking. It was a deeply held belief which was totally and only supported by her thoughts and emotions. There was no real empirical evidence to support this belief. In fact, to others she was a fantastic speaker.

Today if you check out her LinkedIn profile you'll see over 50 recommendations for her speaking abilities alone. Statements like: "Traci is a dynamic and engaging speaker / presenter..." and "Traci's presentation at the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) in Houston was the highlight of their 2008 EXPO. She established rapport and gained immediate credibility with her humor and in-depth knowledge of her subject. We were educated and entertained! What else can you ask for?"

Ok, yes, that person I know very well is me. You wouldn't know it now, but my beliefs were my beliefs and no matter what others said, I didn't believe them. No one could convince me to change my beliefs except for ME. But how do you convince yourself to do that?

Do you ever question your beliefs?

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